Job Apply

Q. How do I apply for a job at Amorepacific?
A. You must apply on our Recruit website. We do not accept emails, mails or paper applications submitted in person.

Q. Do I have to create an account to apply for a job?
A. Yes, please create an account to apply for any position at Amorepacific. You cannot fill out an application without creating an account.

Q. How to create an account:
Visit our Recruit website. Click Job Apply > Talent Community.

Q. How do I find my password?
A. Click Job Apply > Talent Community > Log in> Find your password. You'll get the password by email you submitted.

Q. Are there any gender or age limits?
A. There are no gender or age limits. Amorepacific Group screens candidates based on their passion and ability, rather than their gender or age.

Q. Can foreign nationals apply?
A. There are no restrictions on the nationality of applicants, but you must have a visa that allows you to work in Korea.
Korean is used in most divisions, so it's preferred that you are able to communicate in Korean.

Q. Is it possible to apply for multiple affiliates in Amorepacific?
A. You cannot apply to multiple job positions in different Amorepacific affiliates. Note that you may suffer a disadvantage if you submit multiple applications.

Q. Can I edit the my resume?
A. You can only edit your resume until the deadline of that particular job opening. However, once your resume is submitted, you cannot make any changes even before the deadline. So, please be careful before the final submission. You can edit your resume in the XXX menu.

Q. How do I check if the application is submitted?
A. You can check for applied/submitted position by navigating to your profile page on the career site.

Q. Can I reapply even if I have applied for a job before at Amorepacific?
A. Yes, you may reapply, and there is no penalty for re-application.

Hiring Process

1. General
Q. Do all affiliates follow the same hiring process?
A. The process can vary. Please check the job postings in each affiliate.

Q. How do I check the recruitment progress, including whether I have passed the initial screening?
A. You will receive a text message on the result of the screening. Then visit our Recruit website to find out the result. We will send an email to those who have passed the initial screening that details the next step.

Q. Do those who failed to pass the screening be notified?
A. Yes, we notify unsuccessful applicants of the result with a text message, an e-mail, and through the Recruit website.

Q. Are there preferred certifications at Amorepacific?
A. If a given position requires specific certificates, you'll be a preferred candidate. Other certificates will be used as reference.

Q. How does the AI ​​competency test work?
A. Only those who pass the initial document screening will be tested online. You will receive a link for a set of questions that takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

2. New Hire
Q. Does Amorepacific hold regular open recruitment?
A. There is no regular open recruitment for all affiliates that is held at the same time. Check the Recruit website time to time to find new job openings in each affiliate.

Q. What are the qualifications for general positions?
A. General positions require a regular four-year university degree (graduates) or higher, and a master's degree or higher for research positions. You need to submit English speaking test scores for both positions.
Q. My major is different from the major specified in the job announcement. Can I apply?
A. Yes, you can, but some positions require you to have deep knowledge on the given field. It's important that you show your passion for the given task and potential that you'd do a great job. Certain majors are mandatory for some job positions, so check the job description.

Q. Can I apply for a job opening with double majors or a minor major in the given field?
A. Those with double majors and minor major can also apply given they meet the major requirements for the job.

Q. Is the work experience recognized for new employees?
A. Past experience are used as a reference. However, past experience is not recognized for new employees or interns.

Q. I don't see a job announcement for the position I want. Can I submit my resume in advance?
A. Yes, you can submit your resume in advance by clicking Job Apply > Job Search > Talent Pool menu on our Recruit website. We will contact a candidate when we find him/her appropriate for a given role.

Q. If I am working for another company, can I adjust the interview schedule?
A. We may not be able to adjust schedule for all candidates, but we can for those who are not able to meet the time due to inevitable circumstances.
Q. I am currently living abroad, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to come to the interview on time. Is there any other way?
A. We can do phone or video interviews for overseas applicants.


Q. Does Amorepacific recognize the master's or doctoral degrees?
A. Yes, we do for job openings that require specific degrees.

Q. How much salary can I expect to receive? What welfare benefits are provided at Amorepacific affiliates?
A. Amorepacific Group offers a fixed level of salary and welfare benefits from all affiliates.

Q. Is there an opportunity to work abroad in China or the US?
A. Amorepacific Group currently operates 16 overseas offices in China, the US, Japan, Singapore, France, and Australia. You may get an opportunity to work overseas in business trips or as a resident employee.

Q. Are there any benefits for veterans?
A. Applicants designated as veterans will be given benefits under relevant laws.