AP HR Philosophy

  • Trust

    All members of Amorepacific are our partners in our journey in the world of beauty.
    With our principles of conduct, ABC Spirit, we listen to the candid views of other employees as a proud member of Amorepacific.
    We are part of the company's growth who share its performance, while fully immersing ourselves into our roles with assurance based on solid trust.

  • Passion

    As a company where employees can leverage the value of learning by trying out new things, all members work in an environment where they can mature into a creative craftsmen.
    Here, we practice the ABC Spirit to recognize our differences to grow, realizing even the most absurd ideas.

  • Teamwork

    We do not work alone. We work together and achieve the best results.
    Taking the ABC spirit to our hearts, we communicate with an open mind and highlight the meaning of work.
    Underscoring our contribution to the common goal and sharing of our responsibilities, all members work as one, going beyond the boundary of an organization.

  • Creativity

    We feel sheer joy when we proactively solves problems and use our ability to the fullest.
    We experience the benefit of ABC Spirit by constantly trying out new things to become the first and the best company with customer-first mindset.
    We know that this passion is a valuable asset and a growth engine for this organization.

AP HR System


  • Stable living support

    Housing loans: We offer housing loans to our employees for residential stability.

    Marriage and compassionate support: We offer marriage/compassionate leave and money gifts to congratulate or express condolences according to company policy.

    Employee associations: Employee associations also provide money gifts for weddings and funerals to members.

    Long-distance commute and transfer support: We offer housing fees for long-distance commuters to encourage inter-reginal exchange and residential stability.

    Housing support for relocated employees: We provide moving services for employees who are relocated.

  • Healthcare support

    Check ups: An annual in-depth check up is provided to help employee manage their health and prevent possible illnesses (for employees aged 30 and over).

    AP-Severance Clinic: The in-house clinic offers university hospital-level medical services to employees.

    Group accident insurance: We provide group accident insurance plans designed to relieve financial burden from unexpected accidents and illnesses (of employees, their spouse, and children).

    Manual massage therapy (Raon): We have a Health Keeper system (by visually impaired masseurs) for professional manual massage therapies to our employees.

    Fitness Center: We have a well-managed fitness center offering diverse exercise programs.

  • Family and child care support

    School expense/kindergarten subsidy: We offer kindergarten subsidies and student expenses to lower the financial burden of employees with children.

    Daycare center: We run a daycare center for employees with infants and young children to help them feel assured and focus on work (at the headquarters, R&D Center and Amore Beauty Park Osan).

    Moms-to-be programs: We offer special services for our mothers-to-be employees to assist them to focus on work with convenience regardless of their physical and psychological changes.

  • Work&Life Harmony

    Company resorts: Employees can access company resorts to build a corporate culture of healthy leisure and relaxation.

    Vacations for refreshment: We have a vacation system for employees to get away from work to relax and rejuvenate (up to seven days a year).

    Happy vacation: We have a vacation system for employees to get away from work to relax and rejuvenate (up to five days a year).

    Welfare Points: We provide an optional welfare points to help employees improve themselves and offer various benefits.

    Long-term/model employee rewards: We reward our employees who act as a role model for all with their hard work and strong drive for the growth of the company.

    Happy life consulting: We run a welfare system where counseling specialists take care of personal concerns and stress issues of our employees.

    Employee-only welfare mall: We offer an online mall exclusive to our employees where they can purchase products at discount price.

    Happy gifts: On three national holidays, the Lunar New Year, Chuseok, and the Labor Day, we provide special gifts to our employees.

    Birthday benefit: Amorepacific products are presented as a gift on birthdays together with a paid half-day off.

    Cafeteria: In-house cafeteria, AP Table, provides healthy meals made from reliable ingredients (free of charge).

    Shuttle Buses: We run shuttle buses that help employees move conveniently to the headquarters, the R&D Center, and the Beauty Campus.