Several years after Amorepacific's foundation in Gaeseong in 1945, founder Suh Sungwhan established a foothold of the business in Hangangno, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, in 1956. This is the current site of the company headquarters. Fast forward to 2017, Amorepacific Group set up the HQ in pursuit of creativity and communication in the same place, starting the third Yongsan era marked by its aspirations for success in the global beauty market.

Amorepacific sought to reveal the singular beauty of its headquarters that is unlike anything in the city filled with numerous buildings.

The building is not a skyscraper nor it consists of a set of buildings. Rather, it is a simple, elegant structure with a large volume, showing off its subdued beauty without elaborate decorations.
The headquarters is open to the public to visit and see, aimed at connecting its employees with citizens, and the company with the city.

Inspired by wooden bead string curtains that block the sunlight, the facade of the building is covered with round vertical aluminum pins.

The pins wraps the entire building around, adding depth and cheerful air, while providing maximum views. It also prevents glare from direct sunlight and spreads the sunlight inside the building evenly. The building becomes a magnificent structure emanating subtle glow from inside. You can see the silhouette of the pins and the building illuminating with soft light inside.

Inspired by a courtyard seen in Hanok (a traditional Korean house), Roof Garden is a place where Amorepacific employees can interact with one another. They act as indoor gardens where people can get fresh air. The gardens are on the fifth, eleventh and seventeenth floor and take up five to six floors of space in terms of height. This enables the space to visually merge with parks nearby from all sides of the building. Amorepacific workers can take pleasure in watching seasonal changes wherever they are in the building, and take a break, or chat with colleagues in nature.


Amorepacific provides various facilities inside the headquarters to help employees strike work life balance.
Instead of a conventional workspace, the company sought to create a lively, pleasant workspace where workers can think creatively, communicate and collaborate with one another.

There is an in-house daycare center that can accommodate up to 90 children on the second floor. On the fifth floor, you can find Raon, a massage center where visually impaired massage therapists with a national certified massage license provide professional manual massage. On the same floor, you can find AP Fitness and Lady's lounge. AP Fitness offers fitness area, GX and Pilates classes. The AP-Severance Clinic on the sixteenth floor is an in-house hospital where doctors offer special treatment, including family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, and otolaryngology on different days of the week. The building also has a cafeteria and cafes, as well as other forms of community space such as meeting rooms for various purposes to create a pleasant environment where everyone can concentrate on their work.


Amorepacific Group built the HQ with an aim to fulfil its social responsibility as a corporate citizen under the keyword, connectivity.

There is an atrium, a public cultural space designed to communicate with the local community from the first basement floor up to the third floor.

A corporate has social responsibility, and Amorepacific Group fulfilled its responsibility via atrium, providing a public space where anyone can enjoy the vibrant urban energy. As a space that seeks to be connected to the city, encouraging communication and exchange with the internal and external world, atrium is designed for dynamic coexistence. It is also directly connected to the center of the building through a gate that is open in all directions. Atrium acts not only as the central area of the building, but also as a place for art installations, performances, lectures, and other cultural events.

On the first floor, there is Amorepacific Museum of Art (APMA) and APMA CABINET, a small art gallery. There is also a show catalog library called apLAP, and a high-end tea room, Osulloc 1979. On the second and third floors, there's Archive that houses entire historic records of Amorepacific and a cafe. They are both open to all visitors. The first basement floor is connected to the subway and there are also various stores located along the way.




    Amorepacific Group is a holding company centered around Amorepacific. The group consists of 38 companies in total engaging in cosmetics and other related businesses (e.g. cosmetics containers and hair products) in Korea and abroad. Amorepacific Group enables all customers to reveal their unique beauty through Asian Beauty and, in turn, create A MORE Beautiful World.


    A creator of beauty trend, Amorepacific's main business areas are manufacturing and sales of cosmetics products, household goods and food. We seek to grow into a great beauty company that transforms the world with beauty. We are committed to become the best in all aspects in our journey to become a great company. We will also ensure that we minimize impact on natural environment and fulfill corporate social responsibility with our people-centered approach.


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